Criteria for Final Poject in Design Foundation Course

I know I haven’t posted anything new for a while now, but I’m really trying hard to achieve good results in ALL my classes and that’s taking ALL of my time 🙁

In DFC we’ve started concentrating on our big semester project dealing with the motto “From inside to the outside” (“Von Drinnen nach Draußen”). This week we started constructing mockups of the seminar room and the grass area outside, while some of us still had to present their temporary projects (mine was the doorframe). Here I will give you the criteria for our final project and documentation:

  • final project can be materialized in groups of no more than three students
  • every student must design a typographically top-notch documentation (a book) and present it in a printed form
  • the documentation must include not only the final project but also parts of the homework, sketches/ brain storming and the temporary project
  • additionally a third project, which has not been materialized, has to be included in the documentation, meaning you have to work with mockups, photo manipulation or 3D-models presenting your concept
  • deadline 15th of June

We have about five weeks left and that’s NOT a whole lot! I’m still editing my typography projects from last semester and working overtime on my drawing class homework tasks (right now: concept art of Hong Kong slums). I hope all the work pays off in the end 🙂


Connecting the Outside Space with our Seminar Room Homework

For the past few days my mini project for DFC was standing behind our faculty building. It’s the result of our last homework:

  • Create a connection between the seminar room and the outside space with minimal (financial) effort.

After presenting 8 concepts the professor and I decided on “The Doorframe”. The idea behind it is to create the illusion that the square piece of lawn outside is part of the building and a room itself. And what do rooms have: doors and in our case naming-cards.

Unfortunately we had to dispose of the frame on Friday. It’s a one week project after all… The materials cost 13 Euros all together and the preparations took us about 6-7 hours (including the waiting time for the gleuing and the painting with white color). And I’m grateful for all the advice the workshop supervisors and tutors gave us along the way!

First Drawing Class Assignments (Prospective Illustrators) 2.Semester

In the Drawing Class for prospective illustrators we already completed the first two homework assignments:

  • Character Design: Draw three of your co-students and create their characters (including your own).
  • Concept Art: Everyone received a small sketch book (40 pages) which had to be filled with sketches from “a forgotten valley in south-east Russia on the border to Mongolia”. We were encouraged to think of unique animals/plants/architecture. In short: Draw whatever we want 🙂

As usual every drawing material and technique was allowed but since I’m a pencil junkie I stuck to clear forms throughout the whole sketching book task. I still haven’t quite finished the first task ^^;

The valley panorama at the beginning.

The grotesque but gentle monster.

The mysterious sign.

The exploding mist-insects.

The bizarre drumming fiend.

The He-Sirens XD

These are just a few excerpts. We were given two weeks for the forty pages. Oh, and did I mention there’s supposed to be some kind of a story 😀 I made a tiny story-board for that purpose (the reserved space for one page is about 2×3 cm + text descriptions on the sides).

Our next task is about painting landscapes…Preferably from Mongolia but the professor told us it’s ok to draw whatever landscapes we choose. He wants to see some images we “drew with all our heart”.

First Photos for Foundation Course Project

In comparison to last year’s Design Foundation Course we are going to work on only one big project the whole semester this time! For our first homework I took around 50 photographs of our seminar room and the garden behind our university building and tried to find some first connections and some interesting points of view. As I promised earlier I’ll focus on images this time:

This assignment is supposed to make us curious and give us first impressions of the subject. Knowing how to work with cameras and optionally photo editing programs is required for the task! But if some students do have any access to appropriate cameras the university’s photography department is offering cameras for free rental! So money issues shouldn’t be an obstacle.

Design Foundation Course and Typography

Time for a short update on DFC and Typography 🙂

This semester the DFC’s main topic will be Von (Dr)innen nach (Dr)außen“ – Dialog, Kommunikation, Interaktion (From the inside to the outside – Dialogue, Communication, Interaction).  The students are supposed to explore the new seminar room and create a connection to the outside (the building’s back garden etc.) It’s a little bit hard to describe the situation but I’ll post some photos soon.

But talking about photos: The first homework is going to be about capturing the current state of both, the inside and outside space. In order to do so we have been given the task to take photographs and describe the situation in words. All findings are to be collected in a sketchbook. Our results throughout this whole semester will be building the basis for our final big project (final exam).
And this leads us to Typography. All acquired theoretical knowledge during the following months will be of big use for the final project in DFC, which will be a printed medium created in collaboration with the Typography program. What’s also new this time is the possibility to work in groups most of the time.

I asked a few students in the third semester about the workload and I didn’t like what I heard 😀 Everyone warned me it’s going to be hell! It’s going to be the busiest time during the whole bachelor ever (perhaps except the bachelor exam itself…). The third semester was referred to as heaven 😀 That’s where the students are finally allowed to choose their main programs and the workload is considerably smaller.
Considering this info and the fact that I’m already packed with assignments (I’ll try to pull off the illustrator’s drawing class AND one additional sketching excursion class) I’ll probably won’t be able to post a lot, but of course I’ll keep summing up and give tips as much as possible!

Next time I’ll compile this semester’s schedule (only premade for the first semester) and share it with you 😉

Typography, First Homework Project: Word-Images

As I already mentioned in an earlier post I have to tackle four typography projects. Actually it’s not mandatory to get finished in the semester break but our professor urged us to do so since we’ll get new demanding assignments in our second semester. Everything must be delivered at the end of the upcoming semester.

I have to admit I really underestimated the amount of time one has to spend on these projects… I merely finished the design for one of the smaller ones and the big one is 60% done. Right now I’m working on the second small task (small sounds like it’s get done fast 😀 how misleading).

Everything I share with you at this point may change during the course of the next few months but I’ll post anyway.


This is going to be a 29x40 cm poster. It's depicting the human body parts using word-images. So basically you know the part's name by simply reading it 🙂

Next week I’ll probably post the Media and Communication presentation-documentation (sounds like modern poetry). Unfortunately for my English-speaking readers it’s going to be exclusively in German (sorry ^^”) Prepare for three huge entries in the loyal2art.DE domain!

That’s it for now…I’ll be getting back to work now ò_ó

No Rest for Me…

The semester break is only four weeks long and I got a whole lot of homework assigned!

First of all, four typography projects have to be tackled (a big one and three smaller ones). This is going to take me at least one week. I’ll give you more details on every project after finishing each one of them.

Secondly, I have to create a profound documentation on the Media and Communication presentation I took part in. Luckily I managed to arrange the publication on Loyal2Art so you’ll see the results (including images and possibly videos) soon enough 😉 Oh, right, the topic is “Communication in Videogames” 🙂

Thirdly, I have only the first two semester to advance in drawing (traditional and digital) so I can get pleasant results for the Illustrator’s Drawing Classes I dared to participate in 😀 This means I have to vigorously train my skills!

Fourthly, I’ll be working on an internet site for a talented co-student. This means more HTML and CSS studying for me (leave alone WordPress’ php which is another league right now).

Additionally I’m trying to improve this blog as much as possible (today I updated the About Me page) and translate some posts into German, since so many people already asked me to do so.  If you want you can visit the Loyal2Art Facebook page for a more frequent update on progress.

Right now I’m waiting for some nice pictures of the diploma celebration from the photographer’s team members. This means I should be able to give you a vivid report one of these days 😉

Phew, I hope I can complete most of the tasks in time!

Drawing Class Homework: Time

The semester is almost over but I still have some past topics to post 🙂

After the last homework à la corporate design we were given the task to draw the long ride on the Trans-Siberian Railroad (if you don’t really know what I’m talking about check out the older posts). We were not allowed to use any typical time measurement aids like watches or calendars in our drawings so I decided to go for a big establishing shot and a long middle strip throughout both pages acting as sundial (“sun-watch”). By the way, we were given only to pages to work with, no more!

Comic pages with transsibirian railroad trip

Since my computer couldn't do the work I had to shade everything manually! My wrist really hurt XD

Here are some close-ups:

Harald reading

No one's talking. Every background sound can be heard loud and clear. Harald is reading a book on martial arts and eating a chocko-bar...

Sleeping and daydreaming. You can see part of the middle strip in the upper part.

It’s not mandatory to work with comics/manga like I do the most of the time, but 90% of the course are also choosing this type of art because it’s really well suited for almost every assignment and it’s a lot of fun 😀 Besides, our professor is a comic artist too, so he doesn’t mind at all! I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to assume that there are only comic artist at my university. There are three more drawing classes with different focuses (product design, anatomy, traditional art). Unfortunately the anatomy course has been cancelled for next semester. Instead another illustration course will be made available.