First Drawing Class Assignments (Prospective Illustrators) 2.Semester

In the Drawing Class for prospective illustrators we already completed the first two homework assignments:

  • Character Design: Draw three of your co-students and create their characters (including your own).
  • Concept Art: Everyone received a small sketch book (40 pages) which had to be filled with sketches from “a forgotten valley in south-east Russia on the border to Mongolia”. We were encouraged to think of unique animals/plants/architecture. In short: Draw whatever we want 🙂

As usual every drawing material and technique was allowed but since I’m a pencil junkie I stuck to clear forms throughout the whole sketching book task. I still haven’t quite finished the first task ^^;

The valley panorama at the beginning.

The grotesque but gentle monster.

The mysterious sign.

The exploding mist-insects.

The bizarre drumming fiend.

The He-Sirens XD

These are just a few excerpts. We were given two weeks for the forty pages. Oh, and did I mention there’s supposed to be some kind of a story 😀 I made a tiny story-board for that purpose (the reserved space for one page is about 2×3 cm + text descriptions on the sides).

Our next task is about painting landscapes…Preferably from Mongolia but the professor told us it’s ok to draw whatever landscapes we choose. He wants to see some images we “drew with all our heart”.