Connecting the Outside Space with our Seminar Room Homework

For the past few days my mini project for DFC was standing behind our faculty building. It’s the result of our last homework:

  • Create a connection between the seminar room and the outside space with minimal (financial) effort.

After presenting 8 concepts the professor and I decided on “The Doorframe”. The idea behind it is to create the illusion that the square piece of lawn outside is part of the building and a room itself. And what do rooms have: doors and in our case naming-cards.

Unfortunately we had to dispose of the frame on Friday. It’s a one week project after all… The materials cost 13 Euros all together and the preparations took us about 6-7 hours (including the waiting time for the gleuing and the painting with white color). And I’m grateful for all the advice the workshop supervisors and tutors gave us along the way!