Drawing Class Homework: Time

The semester is almost over but I still have some past topics to post ūüôā

After the last homework √† la corporate design we were given the task to draw the long¬†ride on the Trans-Siberian Railroad (if you don’t really know what I’m talking about check out the older posts). We were not allowed to use any typical time measurement aids like watches or calendars in our drawings so I decided to go for a big establishing shot and a long middle strip throughout both pages acting as sundial (“sun-watch”). By the way, we were given only to pages to work with, no more!

Comic pages with transsibirian railroad trip

Since my computer couldn't do the work I had to shade everything manually! My wrist really hurt XD

Here are some close-ups:

Harald reading

No one's talking. Every background sound can be heard loud and clear. Harald is reading a book on martial arts and eating a chocko-bar...

Sleeping and daydreaming. You can see part of the middle strip in the upper part.

It’s not mandatory to work with comics/manga like I do the most of the time, but 90% of the course are also choosing this type of art because it’s really well suited for almost every assignment and it’s a lot of fun ūüėÄ Besides, our professor is a comic artist too, so he doesn’t mind at all! I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to assume that there are only comic artist at my university. There are three more drawing classes with different focuses (product design, anatomy, traditional art). Unfortunately the anatomy course has been cancelled for next semester. Instead another illustration course will be made available.