the grave rocker gif and video

skeleton drinking a milkshake

And here’s the video, so you can hear the worms raving!

Song excerpt from beautiful synergy by DJ SHARPNEL

DMC’s Vergil: “Classical Appearance”

May I introduce to you Devil-May-Cry’s Vergil.

  • Materials: acrylics + oils on illustration board (250 g, rough)
  • Size: 12 x 17 cm / 5 x 7 inch

This is obviously a personal fanart piece. Although I enjoyed last years DMC 5 a lot, I couldn’t quite agree with “Neo” Vergil’s style… Reminiscence and gold-acrylics pressured me into painting the portrait you see before you and destiny led me to the decadent picture-frame. Thanks to a good friend (with a nice cam) I was able to take a picture with a 100-times higher quality than my crappy old mobile-phone. YES!

Behind the scenes:

Technically I finished this painting December last year but I was very cautious when it came to the oils, which as you probably know need a while to dry. You see, while I was painting a friend accidently wiped away his right eye and I couldn’t cope with the loss 😉

Here’s the painting, full-frontal, without the frame for you to enjoy:


DMC 3 Vergil portrait

Something new



New Semester, new Post


I know, I know. It’s been a long while since my last post but I’ve been having a busy time, mostly work and life 😀

Last semester I dug into web-design with our gueast teacher from Cologne: Analysis, sketches, wireframes, mock-ups, style-tiles, usabilty, grids, responsive web-design, personas and prototypes – you get the idea. Now, I decided to go one step further and learn more about HTML and CSS (then I might finally redisign this blog and include a nice gallery). I don’t know why but I like the coding and the design part 🙂

At the same time I’m doing a lot of anatomy studying, sports, healthy cooking and meditation. I’ll try not to get a burn-out in my 30s 😀

So the next 5 months at the uni I’ll be learning coding, film-history and continue my 3D project “The General”. Mixing it up!

Acrylics painting Process

A week ago I took some time to paint with acrylics and I have to say it’s a whole different experience than painting digitally. While working on “Coming Home” I developed a somehow stronger relationship to the piece than I would with a fully digital one. The finished artwork is a physically existing original. It was a lot of fun to paint!

But enough talk. Time for you to see some steps in the creation process of “Coming Home”, an illustration for a teenager’s horror anthology project at university.

Just click on any image to open the images in the lightbox:

Klaus, the skull!

A few months ago I got some free clay and I gave it a shot! I love working on my anatomy skills so I decided to sculpt a skull (and I didn’t really have a lot of clay anyway). I’ve never worked with sculptures before so I did some mistakes along the way.

Trying new things… Etching!

I did a basics course in etching at university! A friend of mine is planning on doing a tutorial. I’ll make sure to link it here for you 😉

Nevertheless I can share with you some progress steps from my first etching. It’s nothing fancy but I was really excited to see how it’ll turn out in the end:

And I tried something else I’ve never did before. I’ll show you what in the next post 😉

The new semester!

It’s decided! I’ll be concentrating on 3D and storybook illustrations this semester.

The 3D seminar:

This seminar is focusing on the basics of working with 3D applications. This includes planning, modeling, texturing, lighting, animating and rendering the three-dimensional objects. This semester’s main topic is Sci-Fi… I couldn’t resist! So except for all the technical aspects we also read books (Stanislav Lem – “The Futurological Congress“, Asimov’s robot stories and Strugatzky’s “Roadside Picnic“) and analyze movies of the sci-fi genre. For now we haven’t created anything too exciting, but we only had a 4 or 5 meetings. I uploaded 2 picas I did as homework so far (I’m still very new to 3D modeling though so don’t expect too much):

The storybook illustration seminar:

In this seminar we are working on a real to-be-published adolescent’s horror-storybook. Logically we have to stick to the page format and other rules (all illustrations have to be in grayscale for example). At the end of the semester the publisher’s editors will pick the illustrations they see fit in their concept. I’ll be experimenting again 😀 And again I’ll give you a few examples of what I have painted so far:

Well that’s it for now. I’ll be uploading more later on 😉