Hi! My name is Savina Petkova.

"I prefer to work in deep focus, that's why you won't see me on social media much. But I love interacting with people, especially in person like at Cons, workshops or while tackling a creative task in a team!"

So let's get in touch and create something new!

  • 1999

    I moved from Bulgaria to Germany when I was 10 in 1999. After years of Disney & Genndy Tartakovsky cartoons I came just in time to become an anime & video games nerd. That's also when I abandonned my violinist career path and started training martial arts.

  • 2011

    After finishing highschool and one year of Computational visualistics studies at the University of Koblenz I decided to listen to my inner calling and study Design. It was the right choice!

  • 2016

    I learned a lot during my time at the Münster School of Design: Communication Design, the basics of 3D modeling, Webdesign, Typografy, After Effects, teamwork, project based work and of course drawing! I graduated with a B.A. in Illustration & Mediadesign. While still studying I started working as a freelance webdesigner / concepter.

  • NOW

    While working as a freelance artist I work on my webcomic project RAVEN KING in my spare time. Also I'm developing a new visualization technique for artists, which is based on meditative focus. I hope to one day perfect and teach it to others.