No Rest for Me…

The semester break is only four weeks long and I got a whole lot of homework assigned!

First of all, four typography projects have to be tackled (a big one and three smaller ones). This is going to take me at least one week. I’ll give you more details on every project after finishing each one of them.

Secondly, I have to create a profound documentation on the Media and Communication presentation I took part in. Luckily I managed to arrange the publication on Loyal2Art so you’ll see the results (including images and possibly videos) soon enough 😉 Oh, right, the topic is “Communication in Videogames” 🙂

Thirdly, I have only the first two semester to advance in drawing (traditional and digital) so I can get pleasant results for the Illustrator’s Drawing Classes I dared to participate in 😀 This means I have to vigorously train my skills!

Fourthly, I’ll be working on an internet site for a talented co-student. This means more HTML and CSS studying for me (leave alone WordPress’ php which is another league right now).

Additionally I’m trying to improve this blog as much as possible (today I updated the About Me page) and translate some posts into German, since so many people already asked me to do so.  If you want you can visit the Loyal2Art Facebook page for a more frequent update on progress.

Right now I’m waiting for some nice pictures of the diploma celebration from the photographer’s team members. This means I should be able to give you a vivid report one of these days 😉

Phew, I hope I can complete most of the tasks in time!