Design Foundation Course – Prominent Designers One Should Know

The Design Foundation Course is the first of six basic courses one must complete in the first semester. It’s covering some of the very basics every artist needs to know and gives the opportunity to try out different design methods.

The very first homework I got is to look up a list of prominent designers and get familiar with their achievements and style. And here’s the list:

  • Max Bill
  • Otl Aicher
  • Ruedi Baur
  • Stefan Sagmeister
  • Alfredo Häberli
  • Konstantin Grcic

Some of them have a really interesting career. Otl Aicher was one of the early Corporate Design pioneers and Stefan Sagmeister designed CD covers for the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. You should definitely check them out and expand your knowledge on design and art.

Additionally students were allowed to name any other designer they know and include him/her in the list. So basically the ones given just form the backbone.