Semester Schedule Winter 2010/11

Some people asked me about my semester schedule and I decided to share it with you!

I did a little bit of censoring, just erased the professor’s names. I think no one’s going to have a problem with it being posted on the net openly now ūüôā

semester schedule winter 2010/11

click on the pic for full-view please

  • pink fields: Design Foundation Course (only one gets assigned)
  • blue: Typography
  • left violet: Fine Arts
  • right violet: Media and Communication
  • white with yellow stripe: the four different drawing classes (only one can be assigned)
  • white (Tuesday): Workshop for materials and photography (the cube project)

The schedule is basically giving the students an overview of the mandatory classes they have to attend. The most work however is done on one’s own initiative. And believe me, we are talking about a lot of time here! I have to be honest with you , studying design means you’ll have to sacrifice most of your free time, if you really want to make progress that is. Please bear that in mind.