Design Foundation Course – Moiré Pattern

The moiré pattern (also called interference pattern) is a flickering human eyes tend to see when two patterns are overlaid at an angle.

Here are some examples:

moire example 1moire example 1.2

Second example:

moire example 2

moire example 2.2

Furthermore we got the task to create 5 moirés ourselves. The required format was 18×18 cm (7×7 inch). Of course we were given some tips again:

  • divide format in halves, quarters etc.
  • use different line thickness and/or space between lines to create a feeling of depth
  • don’t mix up too many different shapes and patterns

Additionally we were shown a little trick in order to draw a “progressive grid”. Here’s the trick which should make clear what “progressive grids” are:

progressive grid trickOh, and if you’re interested in some professional moiré artists look up Bridget Riley 🙂