The Cube Project

During the whole semester we had to simultaneously design 4 different cubes. This was my first opportunity to really build something you can actually touch 😀 Of course the professors had a few specifications for the project:

  • use only one material for each cube (like paper/fabric/wood/metal/plastic etc.)
  • use only the materials provided in the workshop
  • measurements 10×10 cm (about 4,0″x4,0″)
  • every cube must consist of more than one single part
  • the main connection between the different parts mustn’t be made by generally used means (like glue, tape etc.) BUT during the creation process of single parts all means can be utilized

Obviously this assignment is meant to give us the opportunity to work practically with different types of material. Idea – scribbles – illustration – draft – manufacture.

So here is one of my drafts (the plastic category cube):

plastic draft

Detailed drafts really help during the producing process!

And here are my babies 😀

material:styrodur (plastic category)

material: very hard, pressed paper (paper category)

cube 3

materials: foam and thin fabric (fabric category) The clue is that the little squares are either stitched to the top piece or the bottom piece of the big cube. While one square hangs the other one "disappears" and when you flip the cube they switch. I hope you get my idea...

cube 4

material: thin metal layers and thick copper wire (metal category)

It’s not crucial for the cubes to look good – the main aim was to experiment (the overall topic during the first two semesters, I guess). It was a lot of work but it was also a really exciting and fun experience 😉

The results will be accounted in my Foundation Course grade!