Final Exam: Design Foundation Course

This week I’ll get my grade for the Design Foundation Course final exam 🙂 This is the most intensive and important exam during the first semester!

This is how it was organized:

  • everyone got 10-15 minutes time to present EVERYTHING he/she had done in the course of the past five months in front of two professors and one tutor
  • we had to point out our most important findings exclusively (no time for nostalgic reminiscences)
  • the six mandatory main stages of the presentation were: Moirés, reliefs, modules, transformation, cubes and a 3D Poster (I’ll introduce to you in a minute).
  • the bonus task was to use one of the six main topics I just mentioned and design a concept for a “real world” project

Concerning the 3D poster, we were given a word that had to be used as a basis. Mine was “depression” 😀 I decided to go for a huge moiré pattern (partially against the professor’s preferences):

Perhaps you noticed the page numbers in the lower right corner. I made a small brochure 😉