The Exams are Over!

The exam period is finally over and I’ll be updating soon!

The last few months were really exhausting for everyone. Only one week for all design students at the university isn’t really long. I had my FC presentation at 22:00 (10 pm.) and like most of my co-students I hadn’t really slept for the last three weeks. But after a few coke bottles and 20 minutes Bubble-Shooter I was ready for action 🙂 Honestly, as strange as it sounds, I kind of enjoyed the intensive working phase! At times like these I get absorbed in my workaholism and spend every free minute with productiveness 😀

For the beginning of my major updating I’ll summarize the exams/presentations (here is my schedule):

  • 27th July, Digital Tools: At 9:30 am. Everyone gathered for a written multiple choice test on Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Fifty questions had to be answered in German (some students prefer using the English versions of the Adobe products, including me).
  • 27th July, Illustration: At 14:30 (2:30 pm.) the illustration students showed EVERYTHING drawn during the first and second semester, even private drawings (of course only if one wanted to share them ;)). The more full sketchbooks and visible drawing skills improvement, the better the grade.
  • 28th July, Foundation Course: Every student got an appointment when to present their documentation of the second semester (which I’ll be describing in a future post). At 22:00 (10 pm.) It was finally my turn. Unfortunately everyone was already tired, including the professors. One last student later we popped the champagne bottles and enjoyed the rest of the night outside the university buildings 🙂
  • 30th July, Typography: At 11:00 am. The four homework tasks for the first semester and the documentation had to be presented to the whole typography class. Afterwards the professor took everything home for thorough revision. The return is in two weeks.
  • ? September, Media: This Friday we will get our big homework on movies for the semester break. It will be due to the beginning of the next semester in September.

That’s all for now! I’m working on a big drawing project right now and I feel slipping into obsession mode again 😉

I’ll be writing more posts soon.