Drawing Classes

Perhaps some of you wonder why I’m not posting anything on the first thing everyone thinks of when you mention design or art, namely drawing. Well I’ve planned on making a “skill-o-meter” 🙂 This means I’m going to collect the drawings for a while and then I’ll pick a few for every month and try to show you my improvements (hopefully).

But I guess I can already tell you what the topic of the course I picked is. Right now we are doing some character design and backgrounds (at which I REALLY suck) based on a little story where I and 3 other characters go on a university trip.  We still don’t know where we’re headed to… By the way I picked the illustration course (I hope I’ll survive!) and I have to admit I have A LOT of catching up to do if I want to become an illustrator but to be honest I really like media design too. Lucky me, I still have one year time to decide and a little hard work on my drawing skills can’t do any harm 🙂