Typography, First Homework Project: Word-Images

As I already mentioned in an earlier post I have to tackle four typography projects. Actually it’s not mandatory to get finished in the semester break but our professor urged us to do so since we’ll get new demanding assignments in our second semester. Everything must be delivered at the end of the upcoming semester.

I have to admit I really underestimated the amount of time one has to spend on these projects… I merely finished the design for one of the smaller ones and the big one is 60% done. Right now I’m working on the second small task (small sounds like it’s get done fast 😀 how misleading).

Everything I share with you at this point may change during the course of the next few months but I’ll post anyway.


This is going to be a 29x40 cm poster. It's depicting the human body parts using word-images. So basically you know the part's name by simply reading it 🙂

Next week I’ll probably post the Media and Communication presentation-documentation (sounds like modern poetry). Unfortunately for my English-speaking readers it’s going to be exclusively in German (sorry ^^”) Prepare for three huge entries in the loyal2art.DE domain!

That’s it for now…I’ll be getting back to work now ò_ó


Our next homework in typography is called “Word-Images” (Wortbilder). We were supposed to create 11 different images (or animations) made out of the word to be depicted. All images had to be in the same format and only sans serif fonts were allowed.

Here is my contribution (hope you get the idea):


here the words in english from top-to-bottom and left-to-right: to avoid, narrow, lust (sexually), pointed, battle, hunger, fear, pacemaker, error, mirror, dead

Unfortunately some of the word-images weren’t as obvious to others as expected…  But I wanted to have fun and try different things, so I guess it’s all right 😉