“Das Gefällt Mir Gerne” Dilpoma Celebration: Review

glowing mini Icosahedrons

What you see are the glowing mini icosahedrons every student about to take his/her diploma received from us. The four different colors represent the four graduation specializations: Product/Graphic/Communication Design and Illustration. But let’s start from the beginning…

After deciding on the theme for the conferment the whole semester got divided into groups, each concentrating on another matter concerning the organization. After about one week the preparations were done:

ready stage

We decided to stick with the icosahedron 🙂  The graduands came out of the corridor (to the left, behind the icosahedron fabric covering), received their diplomas and followed the pink line on the floor leading to the stairs where they could wait for the event to be over. Two musicians played during the breaks.

the stage in action

During the conferment the hall was dimmed and the big icosahedron on the wall (here green) showed the next graduand’s name and color (specialization). By the way, the fabric covering shines in the respective color too as soon as the next graduand passes through.

glowing icosahendrons on the stairs

As I already mentioned in the beginning the students were given a glowing mini icosahedron. These were stuck to the stair’s wall, which looked really nice in the dark 🙂

celebration over

After everyone got their documents we had to deconstruct the whole stage and clean the hall for a buffet (in the back, where 90% of the guests are having a tasty experience). Of course I tested the food for Loyal2Art 😉 For the record: Most things were self-made and exceptionally delicious! The graduand’s work exhibition that followed was indeed interesting, too. One could see futuristic chairs, intriguing photos, brilliant illustrations and much more!


This week my tip of the week will be dealing with exhibitions, conventions and competitions connected to drawing.

You should attend one of the mentioned above every now and then if possible. You can learn a lot on this kind of events. And I’m not only talking about enjoying the newest comic books and illustrations.

First of all, you can analyze the market: What’s in right now? Which artists are getting a lot of attention and why? What’s making a good profit? How do artists promote their work?  You should at least try to find the answer to some of these questions. It can really help you define your own strategy to success a little bit better. On the other hand you can try to set a foot in the biz yourself if you feel ready for it. If you’re just starting out you don’t have anything to lose, right! You should approach other artists or publishers and ask for advice. Most of them should be more than happy to help you 🙂 Especially new artists are really talkative.

Last week I went to the ComicAction exhibition in Essen, Germany. There I met a few fairly new artists and asked them some questions on their work process and the materials/programs they are using to create their artwork. Everyone was very friendly and answered EVERY question I had in detail. I really learned a lot but more important my morale got boosted since now I saw with my own eyes how the artist’s reality looks like and I really liked it. But that doesn’t mean I ignore the hardships artists have to bear 😉

Now then, start planning your next trip to some drawing related event and don’t forget your note book (or con-hon if you’re in to that) AND your sketchbook 😉