Welcome to the glossary! Over time this page will collect short word explanations especially for Loyal2Art.com ūüôā

A.I. = Artificial Intelligence

anaglyph image = an images made up of two superimposed, offset color layers providing a 3D effect when viewed with red-cyan glasses red-cyan glasses

CP = Credit Points are the way of grading Bachelor study programs – one needs a certain amount of points in order to continue with the Master’s degree studies (aka Diploma)

ergonomics = the science of making objects/software/working space more convenient to work with as a human

ghosting = when anaglyph images or red-cyan glasses do not match well in color-values one can see red/cyan shadows on the image even when wearing the glasses, i.e. ghosting

key-letter = a character featuring the typical traits of a certain font in a way that makes it extraordinary easy to classify the font-family

module = one of many equally build parts which can be randomly connected to each other in order to create a bigger unit

negative space = the “free” space around the main content of an image, which isn’t allways necessarily a flat color (like white)

panel = a single drawing (mostly framed) in comics/manga image sequences, where one frozen moment of the story is shown

pictogram = a graphical symbol (ideogram) representing an object while giving great pictoral resemblance

scientific illustration = some sort of visual aid (drawing, 3d model, animation etc.) for explainig scientific, non-fictional topics

SFX = stands for sound effects which are artificially created or enhanced sounds used in all kind of audio-visual media like television, video games, movies, theaters etc.