Playing around with Tables…

In Design Foundation Course we are trying to find new ways to place the ordinary everyday objects in a whole new context. The object we were given to work with for the last week was the table (the type of table in our seminar room). We were allowed to:

  • use as many tables as we want
  • combine them with other objects (mostly things that are in the room anyway)
  • use ourselves (bodies) as models and/or objects ­čÖé

Going outside was part of the homework, too. So besides doing all kinds of fun stuff inside (building a restroom, treating a table like a therapy patient, turning the perspective and using the tables as a wall and the wall as the floor) we took the white sterile table out on the fresh air, but don’t worry, it didn’t sunburn ­čśÇ

This was really a fun homework! The one we got the week before was fairly boring in comparison (that’s why I didn’t share it with you). We were supposed to draw five big images of the seminar room’s corners and other interesting situations with focus on the right perspective…