From Flat to Relief

There is one step between the 3D emphasizing patterns and creating actual 3D objects: Reliefs! In class we were given the following limitations:

  • use thick paper
  • nothing is to be cut out and excluded from the relief
  • format 18×18 cm
  • no coloring

I used some of my patterns for the reliefs without creating new ones especially for this task. This way I really had to find ways to cut pieces without cutting the whole thing apart. I advise you to print out your patterns and draw the cuts with pencil before actually cutting! This way you can prevent mistakes later on, which happened to me a few times and it was really awful having to start all over again ūüôĀ

This is how two of my reliefs look like:

relief 1relief 2

And here are the corresponding patterns:

pattern 1pattern 2