Collect your artwork

Actually I wanted to upload my own portfolio, but unfortunately I have to wait for a  while until I get a decent camera…I tried out the one I have but the results are unacceptable! So I decided to start a new category 🙂 “Tip of the Week”

It’s really about small but really helpful hints you can apply to your (art) working habits. The information contained in this category is meant for a mixed audience, meaning some tips will be for beginners and some other for more advanced artists. So check it out every time!

And the first tip is: “Collect all your sketches and note the date you draw them on.”

Probably most of you are already doing this and if you’re not START NOW! You can use old sketches and drawings for comparison. That’s the best way to keep record of you actual progress and it is a very powerful motivator, believe me! At the moment I’m working on the human anatomy, so I’m drawing constantly. At times I feel like I’m not getting better at all, I feel like I’ll never be able to draw humans like Bridgeman or Bammes…That’s when I look through some older images, a few months old ones in particular. Every time I end up really surprised. The progress is so evident and that gives me a huge motivation boost! You should try it out, too!

Another reason for keeping your old sketches isn’t that obvious but you can keep it in your mind for the sake of positive attitude: One day you’ll be famous and then you can sell your old drawings for major cash 😀 It’s something real good artists tend to do at times…

Keep going!